Patio Stone - Flagstone - Pavers

Concrete might seem to be the easiest way to get a driveway, path, or patio—but you have a choice. In fact, there are several reasons a stone patio made from natural flagstone or manufactured pavers would be a better solution for you. Here are a few things to consider.



·      Pavers come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. This allows you to create intricate patterns and designs. They offer more flexibility compared to concrete slabs.

·      If a single paver is damaged or stained, it can be easily replaced without affecting the rest of the patio. Concrete is a different story. A crack, stain or break typically requires extensive repairs.

·      Paver installations typically leave small gaps between each stone, which allows surface water to drain away. This helps prevent pooling and other water problems in areas that see heavy rain or flooding.

·      Strength and durability are hallmarks of pavers. They can withstand heavy loads and shifting ground much better than poured concrete. In areas like ours that have seasons of freeze-thaw cycles, pavers respond better to unstable soil conditions.

·      Once a paver patio is installed, it can be used immediately. There's no need to wait for curing like with poured concrete.



·      Our flagstone provides natural, rustic looks with unique colors, textures, and unique shapes. It can add a touch of class to any outdoor space.

·      Flagstone tends to stay cooler in hot weather than concrete. That makes your patio more comfortable for walking barefoot during warm seasons.

·      Unlike concrete, which will typically develop cracks over time, flagstone is less prone to cracking. That’s because it can adjust to ground movement and settle naturally.

·      Flagstone generally provides a more slip-resistant surface than concrete. That makes it safer, especially where water is involved, such as around pools areas or with frequent rainfall or snow.


Whether flagstone or paver, the perfect patio is within your reach. Check out the different types below and the options we have available.