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Building With Stone Puts Your Strongest Skills on Display.

Your work looks richer and stronger when it's built in stone because stone construction has a history of high perceived value.

Stone has a reputation of strength. Consider what your potential clients think when they are shown examples of your projects that include stone. Clients want to see examples before they invest in you and you always want to display your work with the biggest impact. Stonework imparts the perception of solid construction and that gives your reputation depth and weight.

Your projects appear more prestigious and established. Stone can look modern as well as traditional. Stonework is indeed timeless. Construction that is grounded with stone shows the real permanence that your clients want to see.

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Meticulous Care for Details

A relentless pursuit of excellence in products and service helps us deliver real value to every customer, every day. American Stone delivers through years of experience and business excellence. Stonework is an investment in permanence and we respect your results by providing high quality products.

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Engineering Excellence

ProVia Manufactured Stone is quality assured and certified through the IAPMO product certification to meet or exceed ASTM, IBC and IRC standards.

Solidly constructed and backed by an innovative and industry leading Lifetime Limited Warranty. 

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Natural Strength and Beauty

Star Stone quarries the raw materials from under the surface where they've been protected for millennia. Sawn and shaped into  Natural Thin Stone Veneer. The stone retains it's best natural qualities while significantly reducing the necessary labor and supportive structure.

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Help builders create beautiful spaces and living-scapes through natural stone products

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Innovative Manufactured Stone. Solidly constructed and able to withstand weather extremes.

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Only nature can create the strength and beauty of real stone. Quarried and Fabricated in the United States.